FCCBL-S Water Carbon Cartridge

Mixed Activated Carbon and softening cartridge

Water Carbon Cartridge - FCCBL-S


Aquafilter offers FCCBL-S cartridges (FCCBL5-S, FCCBL-S, FCCBL10BB-S, FCCBL-L-S and FCCBL20BB-S) suitable for POU (Point of Use) and POE (Points of Entry) installations. Through its accurate combination of mixed granular activated carbon (GAC) media, FCCBL-S series improves the bad taste and odor of your drinking water by reducing the concentration of chlorine and organic compounds (VOC’s). Additionally, the cation exchange-based resin water softening process is performed by the decrease of calcium and magnesium content, enhancing the obtaining of fresh and clean drinking water.

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