FCCBHD - Water Carbon Cartridge

Coconut Shell GAC Carbon cartridge

Water Carbon Cartridge - FCCBHD


Aquafilter offers FCCBHD cartridges (FCCHD5, FCCBHD-STO, FCCBHD, FCCBHD-L, FCCBHD10BB, FCCBHD20BB) suitable for POU (Point of Use) and POE (Points of Entry) installations. Through its granular activated carbon (GAC) media, FCCBHD cartridges improves the bad taste and odor of your drinking water. By reducing the concentration of chlorine and organic compounds (VOC’s), FCCBHD series enhances the continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.


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    UDF type filter cartridge filled with NSF-approved coconut shell activated carbon.


    Two-stage cartridge; sediment pre-filtration part: melt blown polypropylene and NSF-approved coconut shell activated carbon