How do I know that water is not soft enough?

There are several indicators that help to find out if your water is soft enough, here is the list:

- Sediment on the heating elements of household appliances (kettle);
- A white sludge after making the tea;
- Dry skin, rough hair after bathing;
- Rusty stains on the bottom of the sink or tub;
- Increased consumption of detergents and less foaming soap;
- After washing clothing is very stiff and uncomfortable to the touch;
- Use of Aquafilter® FXT water quality tester to determine the level of water hardness 

Aquafilter® FXT water quality testers can be used for illustration purposes only and are not meant for professional research. In order to make professional analysis, please refer to your closest Sanitary-Epidemiological Laboratory or have appropriately accredited laboratory test our water. Test results from Aquafilter® FXT testers cannot be used as basis for professional product selection ofr new water filtration and softening systems.