RO system vs water pressure at home

Water pressure is too low:
Reverse Osmosis systems can work properly with pressure above 2.8 bar (40.6 psi). When yjr water pressure in a system is below 2.8 bar (40.6 psi) install booster pressure pump AFXPOMP or AFXPOMP-4.

Water pressure is too high:
If water system pressure is above 6 bar, pressure regulator must be installed. High inlet water pressure can damage the working components of RO system. 

Manufacturer and distributor do not assume any liability for damage caused by water pressure surges in plumbing installations or higher nominal pressure (over 6 bar or 87 psi). 

Pressure regulators ADV-REG_K, ADV-REG-CR_K, PLV-0104-50_K or PLV-0104-80_K can be purchased separately.