Water with iron

1) Unpleasant taste and odor of water
2) Clothes washed in water with iron ions may be stained brown
3) Rust-colored stains on the sink or bathtub

A large number of iron ions in water (dissolved and undissolved ions). Iron is present in surface and deep water in amounts dependent on the construction and mineral composition of the substrate. In addition, source of iron may be industrial waste water, corrosion of pipes and water mining.

Health Effects:
A large number of iron ions in water can adversely affect health. Toxic dose of iron for an adult is 15g of ferrous sulphate / II /, and for children 6 - 10g. Long-term use of water (above 0.6 mg Fe / l) leads to Kashin-Beck disease. This disease causes damage to the walls of blood capillaries, as well as the process of growth disorder in children.