Why do we need water softeners?

Use of treated water by water softener provides many benefits. Mainly it helps maintain healthier, shiny hair and eliminates clogging skin pores by soap deposits without drying it.

In addition the use of soft water in the household prevents scale buildup on walls of bath fixtures and their components. It also prevents the formation of stains and mineral deposits which bleach surfaces of bathtubs, shower cabins, sinks and ceramic tiles. Soft water also effects laundry washing processes ensuring better efficiency, fresh, cleaner and more "soft" results.

On the other hand, "hard water" weakens the colors and makes the materials become stiff and uncomfortable to the touch. Manufacturers recommend the use of soft water with household appliances for better results and protection of their appliances against harmful deposits.

Use of water softeners significantly reduces the use of detergents and washing agents. Consequently, the use of soft water increases efficiency of detergents by up to 30%. Soap foams better, glassware, cutlery and crockery can be washed without leaving a deposit and spots on them.

Sediments from hard water create hard layer inside domestic plumbing system, contributing to the corrosion of valves and other plumbing components. In addition, deposited sediments inside water boilers increase demand for energy. 

The use of water softening equipment increases efficiency of water heaters up to 30%. Thus electricity bills are lower as well as maintenance costs!