10" two-part housings (2 x o-ring).

10" (inch) FHPLWWx-D


FHPLWWx-D - 10" housings. It consists of two parts: a transparent sump, and head with 1/4" NPT or 3/8" NPT inlet/outled thread. FHPLWWx-D, can be used to bulid RO and Under-counter filtration systems. The design in combination with two O-rings (one inside filter head and second on the edge of filter sump), ensures maximum leak proof performance.

Housing is available with several connection types:

FHPLWW14-D - 1/4" NPT,
FHPLWW38-D - 3/8" NPT.

Series (AH-H10D):

Transparent Sump

White Sump

White Head

Blue Head