In-line Sediment filter cartridge with antimicrobial agent


Aquafilter offers AIPRO-CL-AB In-line Sediment filter cartridges (AIPRO-CL-AB and AIPRO-1M-CL-AB) with antimicrobial agent suitable for POU (Point of Use) installations. Through its high-quality polypropylene spun filter media, AIPRO-CL-AB cartridges act as a barrier against matter in suspension present in water such as, sand, silt, rust and scale particles. Equipped with BACINIXTM nanosilver, an antimicrobial agent which confers protection against microbial growth in your cartridge, AIPRO-CL-AB series provides a continuous supply of clean drinking water free of suspended solids.


  • Cartridge Media: FDA-approved melt blown polypropylene filter and BACINIXTM
  • Micron rate: 1 micron (AIPRO-1M-CL-AB), 5 micron (AIPRO-CL-AB)
  • Cartridge operating pressure: 6 bar (90 psi)
  • Water system temperature range: 2 – 23 °C (35 – 73.4 °F)
  • Flowrate recommended: 2.8 LPM (0.75 GPM)
  • Cartridge material (body and cap): Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Cartridge connections: 2 x 1/4“ Female NPT
  • Cartridge dimensions AIPRO-1M-CL-AB // AIPRO-CL-AB: 2.5 x 12 inches (74 x 285 mm) // 2 x 10.8 inches (61 x 274 mm)

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