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EXCITO-CL Under-Counter Water Filter

2 in 1 - alkalizer and 5 stage water filtering system in one, made of NSF certified components.

Under-Counter Water Filter EXCITO-CL


Made from materials certified by NSF
Lowers the ORP potential down to -200 mV water, adjust the pH of water, neutralized acidic environment of the organism
Bacteriostatic Properties


5 stage alkaline water filtration system made of NSF certified components. The system is equipped with modern, transparent in-line filter cartridges. It is possible to obtain water with ORP potential lowered down to -100 mV. Utilization of BACinix™ nanosilver technology extends the longevity of the cartridges. The system removes sediments such as sand, silt, rust, chlorine, organic compounds, reduces water hardness and improves the taste and aroma of water.

Set includes: EXCITO-CL system,  AIPRO-1M-CL, AISTRO-L-CL, FCCBL-S-CL, AIFIR-200, AICRO-AB cartridges, FXFCH17-C faucet, feed water connector 1/2", tubing, instruction and color box.

Detailed information available in PDF card.