FHPRA3 Washing Machine Filter

Washing Machine Filter

Washing Machine Filter FHPRA3


FHPRA3 – Washing Machine Filter for single use. It protects household appliances against scale build-up. Modern design of the sump allows to contain 30% more deposit than other filters of this type available on the market. The filter increases detergent efficiency to 30%. It is mounted between the valve and the washing machine water inlet hose. Filter connection: 3/4 " GZ x 3/4" GW.

Scale concretion, which are accumulated on the household appliances (drums, heaters, etc.), cause the destruction of the equipment and increase the energy consumption. The filter is equipped with a special deposit (poly phosphate crystals), which causes that contained in the water phosphate is converted to calcium phosphate, thanks to that "scaling" is not gathered on the household appliances.

Poly phosphate in contrary to the ion exchanger does not reduce the water hardness. Calcium phosphate is not absorbed by the human organism, wherefore poly phosphate cartridge should not be used for drinking water filtration treatment.

FHPRA3 filter is designed for cold water filtration. It is equipped with the final stage of filter prevent deposit from getting out of the cartridge.

Detailed information available in PDF card.