Three Part Spin-Down Filter Housing


THREE PART SPECIAL SPIN-DOWN FILTER HOUSINGS are equipt with a drain valveenabling flushing sediments from the housing without removing special multi-use filter cartridge. Manufactured with high-quality material, are available in a transparent sump, blue head with brass insert connections in 1/2” female BSP port.

AQUAFILTER AH-H3SLV SERIES FILTER HOUSINGS are  ideal for typical applications as point of entry (POE) pre filtration systems, food service, antiscale protection and other residential commercial and light industrial applications.Filter housing fits standard mounting bracket.

Filter Housings are available with inserts:
FHSL-212PHOS - 1/2" BSP

Series (AH-H2SLV):

Head Type 1

Head Type 2




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