Water anti-scale washing machine filter with plastic insert




FHPRA - washing machine filter. Protects home appliances against scaling and increases detergents efficiency up to 30%. This filter should be installed between water supply valve and washing machine using connection adapter 3/4 "male x 3/4" FIP.

Stone deposits accumulated inside elements of household appliances (drums, heaters, etc.), cause the destruction of equipment and greater use of energy. FHPRA filter is equipped with poly-phosphate crystals which convert phosphate into calcium phosphate thus preventing scaling.

Poly-phosphate in contrast to ion exchange does not reduce the water hardness. Calcium phosphate is not absorbed by the human body, and therefore filters with poly-phosphate not be used for drinking water filtration.

FHPRA filter is equipped with a post filtration cartridge preventing polyphosphate particles from escaping outside the filter. FHPRA is designed for use with cold tap water.





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