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FHSB Bath Filter




AQUAFILTER FHSB is the most advanced bath filter on the market. It is a safe, non-toxic device.

FHSB bath ball is easy to use. Simply submerge and swirl it through water a few times (as needed) using the attached cord.

Utilizing a mixture of active media such as KDF® it effectively removes chlorine, hydrogen sulfide ("rotten egg" smell), iron oxides ("rust water") and heavy meals (lead). Moreover it can release various microelements which can be absorbed through the skin making it smoother, softer and healthier.

Using FHSB in your bath will make it the healthiest and most refreshing experience ever. Its like bathing in spring water! While bathing with FHSB you will experience relief from dry itchy sensation and improved soap lathering. FHSB is especially recommended for children and people with sensitive skin.

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