Does installation of a water softener need to consider location of sewage outlet?

The system must be equipped with a drainage capacity to allow the maximum amount of water discharged during the regeneration period at its nominal performance. The outlet should be near the device but not more than 5 meters from it. If the device is in a place where the outlet has to be raised, the line can be increased maximum by 1 meter in length, if the installation does not exceed 4.60 m and water pressure in the system is not lower than 2.8 bar.

The drain hose should be mounted to the device in such a way that at the time of discharge it will remain stable in its position. The drain hose can not be bent, twisted, or torn.

NOTE: Drain hose should never be put into the drainage grates, sewer or drain pipe. You should always maintain an air gap (4 - 10 cm) between the drain hose and sewage outlet to prevent clogging and fluid back up into the device.