Does water need to meet certain parameters before it can be used with water softener?

Before installing water softener water should be tested and meet the following conditions:

Sediment content - excessive cloudiness caused by sediment layer can weaken the performance of the water softening resin. In such case consider pre-filtration solution.

Total hardness content - softeners are subject to certain restrictions as to the level of "hardness." Make sure that the unit being installed is appropriately matched with the right water hardness solution.

Iron content - if iron concentration exceeds 0.5 mg / l, before installing water softener, water must be appropriately treated by iron removing solution.

Chlorine content - if concentration of chlorine is equal to or higher than 0.7 mg / l, install high-efficiency filter Big Blue® with carbon filter before installing a water softener.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) - water with a high level (above 2000 ppm (mg / l)) of TDS may reduce efficiency of water softener by interfering with ion-exchange processes. To compensate with these limitations higher levels of regeneration will be required.

Parameters of raw water can be verified in two ways:
1. by use of disposable tests for water FXT-AQ that can be purchased from Aquafilte®WARNING! Disposable tests by Aquafilter Company® should be used only for initial identification of the problem of water. Based on the tests results appropriate filter units and water treatment can be selected.

2. by professional analysis conducted by accredited laboratory.