Safety conditions for filter housings installation

1) When installing the filter it is possible to use different connectors. Installation connections can be threaded or welded. 

2) Bonding connections must be made away from the filter housing. Failure to do so may result in the vulnerability of the product and void the warranty. 

3) The assembly must take place in areas where the temperature exceeds 2 ° C 

4) Install the filter should not be interpreted in the sunlight (this may damage the filter elements that are made of plastic). 

5) The mounting body: leave at least 10 cm of free space under the filter to facilitate the exchange contribution. 

6) In order to relieve the installation of the filter should be hung on the mounting plate (plate no additional charge to install a mass filter and cartridge). Failure to follow instructions may damage the filter and cause water leakage. 

7) Use only sealing Teflon tape. DO NOT USE SEALING Pakula. 

8) The Corps shouldnt be connect with metal tapered threads. 

9) The body installation: be sure about correct direction of water flow, according to the indications of IN-OUT/input-output. 

10) For tightening the plate appropriate lenght screws should be selected. Too long screw can break through the wall of the head of the body.