What is "clumping"

When the resin is mixed with loose grains of salt or larger tables, this may create small crystals of salt formed by process of  evaporation, similar to table salt. These crystals may combine to form a thick mass in a brine tank. This phenomenon, commonly referred to as "clumping", could interrupt the production process inside of the brine tank.

This phenomenon occurs in cases when water softening unit is installed in a place with high humidity (80%). Another reason may be the use of salt with incorrect parameters. "Clumping" is formed above surface of water, which in turn leads to water having no contact with salt, which in turn cannot be dissolved and Brine solution cannot be produced. Production of the Brine solution is the most important element in the resin regeneration process which is responsible for effectiveness of water softening. Without the production of Brine solution, water softener can not produce soft water.

If the brine tank is filled with water it is difficult to state clearly whether "clumping" occured. On the surface a layer of undissolved salt may be visible, but there may "clumping" occurring deeper in the brine tank.